Assorted Heap - Killing Peace - Demo Tape Cassette

Assorted Heap Killing Peace Demo Tape

Assorted Heap – Killing Peace - Demo Tape Cassette

Side A
-  Killing Peace                       03:16    
Go to Throw Up                  03:33    
Assorted Heap                     05:18    
Side B
I Don't Care                        05:48    
Green Berets                       02:47    
After the Attack                  05:08

Music by Assorted Heap
Lyrics by Assorted Heap
All songs arranged by Assorted Heap
This demo recorded at Schlachthof Aurich,on 28th and 29th of March 1988..
Mixed and engineered by Rainer Ewen

Front cover painting by Klaus Hippen.
Inner sleeve design by Assorted Heap.
Logo design by Oliver Hagenlocher.

Release Date 1988
Self production
Xeroxed black/white folded insert.
Black studio tape without labels or printings with handwritten number of first side

Assorted Heap on this demo are:
- Dirk Schiemann / vocals, scream
- Gunter Groen / guitar, backing vocals
- Klaus Kessemeier / guitar, backing vocals
- Joachim Meyer / bass, backing vocals
- Thomas Marter / drums

Genre: Death/Thrash Metal
Country: Germany

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